Nexcomm NR104GH 9.2Mbps g.SHDSL iMux/Concentrator

Nexcomm NR204GB 22Mbps g.SHDSL iMux/Concentrator

Nexcomm NBG420 2.3Mbps g.SHDSL Router

Nexcomm NS4024 48 Port g.SHDSL DSLAM

Nexcomm NS4024 24 Port g.SHDSL DSLAM

Nexcomm NM540 11.4Mbps g.BIS Router

Gigalink T-LAN CU-620 VDSL
20 Port DSLAM

Gigalink T-LAN SU-600 CPE



















Nexcomm NS4024 2.3/4.6Mbps

The Nexcomm NS4024 is a carrier grade g.SHDSL DSLAM enabling the delivery of up to 24x 2.3Mbps or 12 x4.6Mbps services over standard copper telephone pairs. Providing a maximum reach of 7.1km, g.SHDSL provides the best distance/reach capabilities of all DSL flavours.

The NS4024 is an Ethernet-based DSL Access Multiplexer making the most of state of the art of DSL technology, router technology and Inverse Multiplexing technology to achieve the high speed transmission requirements of an IP centric network environment.

NS4024 provides high speed WAN(100Base-T) connectivity and thus provides benefits in the provision of low cost ethernet backbones.

Bandwidth adaptivity
The NS4024 provides data rates ranging from 144kbps to 2.32Mbps at 64kbps step and and through the application of inverse multiplexing technology can achieve rates up to 4.6Mbps (2 pairs).

Easy Management and Monitoring
TheNS4024 be monitored by way of Telnet, SNMP, HTTP in
addition to CLI at the console.

DSL Interface Telco 50 pin connectior
Data Rate downstream and upstrean each
144Kbps ~ 2.3Mbps
Up Link Ethernet Interface(RJ-45, 10/100 Base-T x 2)

Software Specifications
- Routing IP, Static, RIP1, RIP2
- Bridging Transparent Bridge
- Load balancing and Inverse Multiplexing
- TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)
- Proxy ARP(Address Resolution Protocol)
- NAT (Network Address Translation)
- DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Relay
- DHCP Server
- 802.1p & q



Capacity 24 Ports
Interface RJ21: 24 x g.SHDSL per port
  RJ45x2: 10/100BaseT
  RJ45x1: Console Port
Modulation Type TC-PAM
Transmission Speed (/pair) Symmetric: 200kbps-2.3Mbps
Management Web, Telnet, SNMP, Console, tftp
Speed/Distance 2.3Mbps @3.1km (26AWG) 200kbps @7.1km
Power AC240V@50Hz or DC48V
Operating Temp -10 to 60 degC
Storing Temp -40 to 85 degC
Humidity 5-90%