100Mbps NRDTech 60GHz Fast Ethernet Bridge

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NRDTech 60GHz Millimetre Wave Fast Ethernet System

The NRDTech 60GHz system enables the delivery of full duplex Fast Ethernet speeds for distances up to 1.2km (1.8km higher gain antenna). The system utilises highly stable millimetre wave technology to achieve consistent 100Mbps IP connectivity through all weather conditions.


NRDTech 60GHz NVA100-R30
System 100Mbps
Interface IEEE802.3
  100BaseTX, 100BaseFX
Modulation Type 60GHz CSMA/CD
Transmission Speed 100Mbps
Frequency 60Ghz unlicensed band
Management Telnet, SNMP, Console, MIB-1, EB
Maximum Distance 1.0km (all conditions)
1.5km (enhanced)
Power 90-240V ~ @ 2A
Operating Temp - 20 to 40degC
Storing Temp -30 to 80 degC
Humidity 5-90%
Weight 4 kg

The Superior Wireless Solution

NRDTech millimetre wave technology provides carrier grade performance and transmission reliability. Utilising the 60GHz frequency spectrum the NRDTech Fast Ethernet systems do not require any licensing and significantly increasing security and immunity to intereference.



  • Carrier class reliability
  • Unlicensed frequency band
  • Remote management via Telnet, HTTP or SNMP
  • Premium wireless solution