Hotspot in a box solution from Gemtek  - zero user configuration requiredHigh Gain Client Device - enables users without wireless enabled laptops  to connect to Universal BroadbandTDSL DSLAM - Enables delivery of high speed internet into guest rooms using the existing telephone cabling - no need to re-cable!














Be part of a network of hotels, motels and cafés offering High Speed Internet Access to busy executives on the move across Australia . Wherever the Universal Broadband sign is displayed, people know that High Speed Internet Access is available … fast, reliable and secure. All Universal Broadband systems offer complete user isolation.

Users of the system simply purchase a ‘scratch' card with a unique username and password, from participating hotels, motels, cafés and other Universal Broadband locations. The username and password is entered into the Universal Broadband system and a full 24 hour access to the internet is given to the user. No need for credit cards… no risk of sensitive credit card details being shared over the internet.

As a member of the network, you determine the charge for the ‘scratch' card. All revenue received from the sale of ‘scratch' cards is retained by the network member.

To be part of the network, simply purchase a Universal Broadband system from Universal Network Technologies or one of its authorized resellers; both wireless and hardwired solutions are available.

Be part of the UNIVERSAL BROADBAND network now. Call (02) 9209 4532.