Nexcomm NR104GH 9.2Mbps g.SHDSL iMux/Concentrator

Nexcomm NR204GB 22Mbps g.SHDSL iMux/Concentrator

Nexcomm NBG420 2.3Mbps g.SHDSL Router

Nexcomm NS3048 48 Port g.SHDSL DSLAM

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Gigalink T-LAN CU-620 VDSL
20 Port DSLAM

Gigalink T-LAN SU-600 CPE
























Gigalink T-LAN CU-620 VDSL 20 Port DSLAM

The Gigalink T-LAN CU-620 is a 20 Port Ethernet VDSL DSLAM with the ability to deliver 20 individual 23Mbps (symmetric) services over existing copper telephone cabling. Incorporating itw own in-built splitting technology, the CU-620 connects directly to the telephone MDF without the need for additional bridge taps or connection devices. Installed in a matter of minutes, the CU-620 allows LAN connectivity of remote users at Ethernet speeds for distances up to 1.5km.



Capacity 20 Ports
Interface 2 x RJ21: VDSLplus/PSTN
  RJ45x4: 10/100BaseT
  RJ45x1: Console Port
Modulation Type 4-64 QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation)
Transmission Speed Symmetric: 4-23Mbps
Frequency Bandwidth 200kHz-3.4Mhz (downstream) 4.7-12.25Mhz (upstream)
Management Web, Telnet, SNMP, Console, RMON
Speed/Distance 23Mbps@500m, 13Mbps@1.2km
Exterior 486.5(w) x 328(d) x 44.5(h)mm
Power AC240V@50Hz
Operating Temp -10 to 60 degC
Storing Temp -40 to 85 degC
Humidity 5-90%
Weight 4.4kg


  • VDSLplus Technology
  • Guaranteed Optimised Transmission Speed
  • Simple Design
  • Scalable Central Unit Solution
  • Immediate IP connectivity
  • Secure service