Nexcomm NR104GH 9.2Mbps g.SHDSL iMux/Concentrator

Nexcomm NR204GB 9.2Mbps g.SHDSL iMux/Concentrator

Nexcomm NBG420 2.3Mbps g.SHDSL Router

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Nexcomm NS4024 24 Port g.SHDSL DSLAM

Nexcomm NM540 11.4Mbps g.BIS Router

Gigalink T-LAN CU-620 VDSL
20 Port DSLAM

Gigalink T-LAN SU-600 CPE





























Nexcomm NBG420 2.3Mbps g.SHDSL Modem/Router

Nexcomm NBG420 g. SHDSL routers provide a robust routing feature set for seamless integration of remote users up to 7km. SHDSL enables symmetrical broadband data communication services to corporate LAN and intranet users. The NBG420 series also supports back to back mode of operation allowing SHDSL connectivity at an extremely low entry cost.

The NBG420 provides four 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports for basic Ethernet connectivity. The in-built switch also supports VLAN allowing multiple offices to share one SHDSL WAN port by using the Ethernet ports independantly. The NBG420 series also provides priority features to support QoS for VoIP connection.


NBG420 g.SHDSL Modem/Router
Capacity 1 Port
Interface RJ45: g.SHDSL port
RJ45x4: 10/100BaseT switch
DB9 x1: Console Port
Modulation Type TC-PAM
Transmission Speed Symmetric: 200kbps-2.3Mbps
Management Web, Telnet, SNMP, Console, tftp
Speed/Distance 2.3Mbps @3.1km (26AWG) 200kbps @7.1km
Power DC5V @ 2amps
Operating Temp -10 to 60 degC
Storing Temp -40 to 85 degC
Humidity 5-90%


Easy Installation and Management
The NBG420 router series implements automatic bandwidth setup procedures - the line rate is determined according to the rate of the central office equipment (COE).

Web Browser Control
The NBG420 router's HTTP server software simplifies setup procedures. It enables remote access to the system via the Internet as well as TELNET.


  • In-built 4 port switch
  • In-built router functionality
  • Remote management via Telnet, HTTP or SNMP
  • Longest speed/distance of all DSL flavours